Enterprise-grade hybrid blockchain platform

Waves Enterprise is a hybrid blockchain that combines the advantages of both private and public permissioned blockchain technologies. Depending on the customer’s requirements, a solution can be realized either on a public permissioned or a private network. To ensure additional security of data storage and privacy, a hybrid model can be employed.

WE mainnet

The Waves Enterprise mainnet brings together enterprises, service providers and decentralized applications in a trustless environment, utilizing the benefits of public permissioned blockchain across a wide range of business use cases. Sidechains are used to build private infrastructures, or hybrid ones, storing metadata on the mainnet.

The platform is fueled by the Waves Enterprise System Token (WEST), the native utility token of payment for all network operations. Tokenomika Pte Ltd. is operator and official representative of Waves Enterprise’s mainnet globally.

Waves Enterprise
System Token (WEST)

The platform’s system token is a universal tool for accessing all operations and services on the main network, as well as on hybrid sidechains.

Why do I need WEST tokens?

The system token is the fuel for the platform’s mainnet. It is necessary for securing the LPoS (Leased Proof-of-Stake) network, as well as paying fees for transactions.

Usage within the network

The token is used to pay transaction fees, as well as to purchase services on the main network.
Miners on mainnet must hold a balance of WEST tokens to generate blocks.


Token holders can lease WEST to miners and receive additional tokens.



The token can be used to purchase or rent a license to use Waves Enterprise software.

Listing of the WEST token on exchanges, and other market operations, is handled by DLTech Ltd, an entity which is legally distinct from Waves Enterprise.


A WEST token holder can collect more tokens by staking (or leasing out) their balance to a network miners’s nodes or to other mining pools that participate in network maintenance. Based on the amount of leased tokens, the owner can collect a proportion of the tokens that the node, in turn, receives from transaction fees on the network.

The approximate amount of tokens received from leasing WEST can be calculated using the following formula:
The list of recommended leasing pools and the number of tokens received from leasing can be viewed in the client

Become part of the main network

You can participate in the Waves Enterprise main network economy in the following ways.

Install the network node

You can set up and run your node to participate in maintaining the main network, executing smart contracts, generating new blocks and receiving WEST tokens as transaction fees. To do this, you must submit a request. You can find details on how to set up and connect your node to the mainnet in the documentation.
To connect a node to the Waves Enterprise mainnet, you will need to undergo KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures

Organize a leasing pool

You can also organize a leasing pool. If your node is connected to the mainnet, you can start accepting leases from other WEST token holders. Tokens leased to your node by other users will increase the generating balance of your mining pool.

A leasing pool is a node of the Waves Enterprise main network that participates in maintaining the network and creating blocks, and to which other users can send tokens for leasing in order to receive a proportional share of the node’s remuneration for creating a block. Information about recommended leasing pools is published on official Waves Enterprise resources.
To connect your node to the Waves Enterprise mainnet and start mining, your account balance must be at least 50,000 WEST
Information about recommended leasing pools is published at Waves Enterprise client.
To organize a leasing pool based on your node, you need to:
1. Connect a node to the Waves Enterprise main network
2. Send a request to ask@tokenomika.io
The potential number of recommended leasing pools may be limited, and applications are considered on a competitive basis.
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