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Tokenomika provides development, integration and support for DLT/blockchain-based applications and products that can change many areas, including the following and many more.

Supply chain management

Modern supply chains are complex and multidimensional. Participation of various stakeholders requires a special approach to trust management. Blockchain' shared infrastructure streamlines workflows for all participants in chains of any complexity.

Product traceability

Distributed system for goods tracking builds trust chain from production site through the whole product journey to the final consumer. It's a new way to increase customer loyalty through confidence in the provenance, authenticity and integrity of products purchased.

Digital Identity

Blockchain significantly improves verification, management and storage of digital identities by providing tamper-proof and unified trustless infrastructure. Moreover, a combination of blockchain-based Digital Identity and biometrics (such as facial recognition systems) enables next-generation identity verification processes.


Blockchain-based voting services address traditional e-voting issues and transform corporate governance. Immutability brings proof of voting record, raising the bar of security and trust and makes corporate elections, shareholder votings and even surveys much more credible.


Our company provides a full range of services to transform all components of your business – from infrastructure and operations to HR processes.


It is essential to understand from the outset how to leverage the advantages of this technology within a specific company. We evaluate the feasibility of DLT/blockchain and choose the optimal tech stack for your specific use case.
Design and build your DLT/blockchain solution in any practical scenario: supply chain management, financial systems, loyalty programs, voting, notary, and many more.


Implementation of DLT/blockchain platform and integrated solutions with the existing IT landscape and specific operations of your company.



We provide an expert level of service for our customers and partners, ensuring the implemented solution runs smoothly across its full lifecycle.
Our technology stack
Our strategic partner is Waves Enterprise – a hybrid blockchain platform, offering a diverse set of tools for deploying high-availability trustless infrastructure with high throughput, data privacy, configurable encryption and versatile, language-agnostic containerized smart contracts.
We develop and integrate solutions

based on various next-gen

DLT/blockchain platforms,

permissionless or hybrid.

whether permissioned,
About the company
Tokenomika is a tech company that combines unique expertise and knowledge of enterprise-grade DLT/blockchain solutions with boutique client experience. We work with SMBs and Enterprises across APAC region.
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